About Versacork

Versacork is nimble, innovative, and focused on creating environmental successes. Starting as a product development firm in Germany in the late 1990s, as Bliele Bodenbelag, Versacork has since expanded its operation, sales, and infrastructure into the global market, with sales partners in over 50 countries. Though the brand and face of the company has transformed over the years, the elements which created the initial success exist, and still thrive today.

Versacork Cork FlooringVersacork is a brand developed by Versacork Concepts to epitomize the flexibility and versatility that the Versacork mosaic provides the design professional and wine enthusiast. Versacork, now with a global following and footprint, has resellers and partners throughout most of Europe and other select markets. We are passionate about cork, its versatility, and really everything about it.

Cork, in our opinion, is one the greatest raw materials to exist. It is natural, sustainable, and has technical properties inherent to it, that achieve naturally, what man-made products continually strive for (though most don’t even come close). Not only is cork “dear” to wine enthusiasts, relaying an air of quality to what it preserves, its relevance to development in the industrial world cannot be over cast. (Read more in Resources – Cork Attributes.) This is why we love cork so much…..it is what we do!

Though we brought our first product to the US market over a decade ago, we have not stopped fine tuning what we do and our processes. We are improving what we do, broadening access, simplifying our products use, improving environments to which our material is installed, and ultimately, creating happy and passionate clients. Our products grace some of the finest restaurants, cellars, wine tasting rooms, homes, hotels, and spas – worldwide. We know what we do, we’re passionate, and we’re good at it.