Mosaic Unfinished

The Versacork MOSIAC Unfinished is identical in construction as the MOSAIC Prefinished, but lacks the urethane protective coatings. For true versatility, look no further - no other tile product offers the flexibility the MOSAIC unfinished does. Any wood stain color (literally limitless) can be applied the Unfinished mosaic, so not only do you have flexibility of choosing a grout color, you can color your tile.

MOSAIC Unfinished Benefits:

  • Unfinished discs allows for the ultimate in design and color customization
  • Natural color and variation of ‘cork’ is highlighted
  • Provides tremendous softness under foot (inherently has resilient ‘give’ and rebound, making it great to walk on)
  • Provides thermal insulation (reflects heat applied to it, so extremely comfortable to walk on in bare feet)
  • Helps absorb sound (as opposed to bounce it around as with other tile products)
  • Inherently slip resistant (naturally ADA-compliant)
  • Inherently anti-microbial
  • Suitable for use in wet applications (like shower basins, boat decks, and/or outside)
  • Extremely durable and resilient (suitable in high-traffic and commercial applications)
  • NOTE: All Versacork Mosaic products are priced per square foot (Not by the Sheet)



Versacork Product Specs:

  • Sheet size: ¼” x 12” x 24” (sold as 2 sq.ft. sheets)
  • Interlocking coverage: 1.83 sq.ft./sheet
  • Disc size: 1” diameter
  • Composition: 100% natural cork
  • Packaging: 10 sheets per carton (5 cartons per box)
  • Finish: to be applied on-site (typically after installation of sheets)
  • Installation: Standard tile installation applies (see referenced Installation- Unfinished Versacork Mosaic)

Versacork Mosaic Technical Documents: