Message from the Chairman

img-chairmanFriedbert Bleile

I have been a firm believer in “ecologic” since a young age. Starting as a tile craftsman in Germany, where work is art and its’ your badge of pride, I learned the ins and outs of tile, and I found myself focusing on the technical aspects of the finished product, and how it would be effected by in the installation method and associated products. I’d test, and I’d test, looking for ways to make the products better – lighter, longer lasting, less toxic, more unique, suitable in obtuse applications, etc. I came to realize that product development, design and the installation methods that were being used were really quite young and in their infancy – things were done the way they were done, just because they were done that way. This is when I started to look beyond the walls that enclose our lives.

I love cork. In my opinion, it is the most ecological material available for use in construction and design. Though relatively cliché, cork is about as “green” of a material as you can get. It is natural, it provides technical attributes synthetic materials can’t replicate, and it is completely sustainable – from sourcing, to supply, to processing. It is our belief that cork is under-utilized in the construction and interior market segments, and this is where we have been focusing our development efforts over the last 15 years.

Currently, we supply our products in over 25 countries, either directly, through distributors, or through our OEM manufacturing efforts and partners. We believe in partnerships, and ensuring all relationships and efforts follow the “win-win” philosophy. Though at my core I am a product designer with a focus and passion for sustainability, I have found I thoroughly enjoy creating, developing, and helping facilitate our global network of partnerships.

It is my promise, as founder and President of BleileBodenbelag, and Executive Director of Versacork, to continue to innovate, with the products we already have, those which we are continually developing, and those relating to creating better installation system. We are here to make your projects more ecologically sound, more comfortable, more durable and aesthetically pleasing, and you have our support.