Social Responsibility

Not only do we believe in Karma for Karma’s sake, we actually treat others the way we want to be treated, and expect the same of them. This philosophy is deeply entrenched in the way we act, the way we develop, the way we hire, and the way we do business.

We employ a mix of mentally challenged and production workers to assemble our products. Our initial development goal as far as production, which we developed when we started the company, was to be able to provide more opportunities for those with disabilities. We realized that those with difficulties were often seen as outcasts, and it has been our mission to change this in any way we personally can.

We also firmly believe in finding product solutions that have a more ecological footprint than what is currently being used. This over-arching philosophy drives everything – lower VOC glues and finishes, removal of toxic elements, extremely durable products with a long life cycle, etc. It is our goal to make better products, that not only leverage the value of natural features of inherent in the material, but also ensure that there are not concerns with our products (and their installation method) relative to our health, comfort, and happiness – and, by that, we mean: yours, ours, and everyone’s.